The USS  TUNNY (SS-SSG-APSS-LPSS) 282 Information


Raymond Vance Olszewski

Former Crewmember and Boat Yeoman

USS TUNNY (SSG-282) 1958-1962


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Last Update: March 3, 2023

RayUSS TUNNY Book Cover

  The Tunny Association, an entity that is dedicated to perpetuate the memory of USS Tunny 282 and 682 has re-established a website. Below is a list of those links association with it. (Note: Not secure) (secure) (secure) (secure) (secure)

   One particular feature  of the new site offers former crewmembers the opportunity to add their name and contact information. Also, there is a blog or comment feature.

   Since there are still many of us left who served on Tunny 282 when it was an SS, SSG, APSS, and LPSS, my website continues to serve offering historical information relative to the USS Tunny 282.  The objective is to continue to perpetuate its memory and all those who served on her. 

   Of note is that as far as can be determined, all those former crewmembers who served on Tunny SS 282 during World War II are all on Eternal Patrol.

   Contact me directly about posts on this website about Tunny 282 and for contact with the Tunny Association you need to contact Jim Diervorst.

   If you want a copy of the latest roster of former Tunny 282 crewmembers, please contact JJ (John Joseph Jenkins, Jr.) directly by email and he will send you a copy. You can update your status with JJ. 



   Gail Splane, the widow of former Tunny SSG crewmember Dennis Splane who served as an electrician's mate on Tunny SSG 282 sent me a box containing Dennis' arhives. Dennis was an avid researcher and effective communicator and one of the first former crewmembers who initiated the effort to find and make contact with former Tunny 282 crewmembers.  He worked diligently to produce the earlier construction of Tunny's Roster. 

   One of the items I found in Dennis' archives is a VHS tape of Tunny's Jan 1961 Tahiti visit.  I had the tape converted to digital format and published it on Click here to take you to the 17-minute, no sound, video. The video captures the initiation of Tunny crew poliwogs into Neptune's realm of Shellbacks and shows Tunny's arrival at Papeete, Tahiti and its departure a few days later. From a historical account, it turns out that this was Tunny's second visit in its history to cross the equator and conduct the initiation Click here to take you to the page that contains photos of the time when Tunny SS 282 crossed the equator during World War II.  There you will find crewmember's photographs of the SSG Jan 1961 trip as well as a list of those crewmembers who made the 1961 trip.  Maybe your name is on it?


Gail and Dennis Splane


Dennis' archive information is being indexed and will be sent to the St. Marys Submarine Museum for retention. 


Other Tunny 282 related items of Historical Interest can be found in the following pages. 


Items of Historical Value


(Look for your name. If you find it, your name is in the TUNNY book.)

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