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Last Update: November 11, 2022

NEW - The Olszewski and Ajak Families' of Western Pennsylvania - NEW

(This is a new project and as of is November 11, 2022 continues to be a work in progress)

Information included is about all known relatives of the Olszewski (my Paternal) and Ajak (my Maternal) relations who settled in Western Pennsylvania and information presented is derived from 0-Olszewski/Ajak Family Tree data found on

Created May 26, 2022 and Last updated: November 11, 2022


TUNNY eBook Published and is now available for purchase on

If you purchased the first edition print version of the book and would like a FREE copy of the eBook version, please email me.

USS TUNNY Book Cover

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(Look for your name. If you find it, your name is in my book.)




TUNNY 282 Personnel Diary Database



Linked to Word.docx


Posting 2/16/2022


SPECIAL Recognition to the family of Tunny CO George Ellis Pierce


(Work in Progress-See list below)


New found Russian Document provides Information About the U.S. Regulus Program.    


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Updated: November 11, 2022


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USS Tunny World War II Era (SS-282) Crewmember Photo Gallery

USS Tunny World War II Era (SS-282) Vessel Photo Gallery

USS Tunny Korea War Era (SS-282) Crewmember Photo Gallery

USS Tunny Cold War Era (SSG-282) Crewmember Photo Gallery

USS Tunny Cold War Era (SS, APSS & LPSS 282) Crewmember Photo Gallery

USS Tunny Cold War Era (SSN-682) Crewmember Photo Gallery

USS Tunny Reunion Attendee Photo Gallery (NEW 2019 & 2022 images)




A History, Tribute, and Memoir




Limited Edition of only 282 Copies

(Only a few copies left of this limited printed edition)




Ten years in the making, this book is about the legendary submarine TUNNY, (SS, SSG, APSS, LPSS-282) and is now available in a revised and updated first print limited edition. This book is the only book published that tells Tunny's unmatched history and much more. It pays tribute to those who served on her during WW II, the Cold War, and Vietnam and a major feature is that every sailor who served on Tunny is named in this book. If you served on Tunny 282, your name is among the nearly 1,530 former crew members identified in seventeen chapters that describe the Tunny's unique past.

   What makes this book even more unique is that all the names of former crew members who made Tunny's 9 combat war patrols in WW II, 10 Regulus Deterrent patrols during the Cold War, and 14 Special Operations in Vietnam are listed. They are listed in three separate tables by name and identifies patrols/deployments they made. The book also identifies the many achievements this submarine made over its near twenty-nine (29) years of service to our country.  Read through the 682 pages of not only who served on Tunny but also what life was like aboard a fleet diesel submarine and how crowded it was.

Book Cover

  Where the information was available, backgrounds of hundreds of former crewmembers (and others) are included in the 682 pages of large readable print bound in a quality displayable full-color 8.5" x 11" hard cover. This 'coffee table' style book is an eye-catcher and was released as a first print limited edition of only 282 copies and is privately sold only by the author, Ray Olszewski.  Ray, himself, is a former Tunny crewmember who served on Tunny from 1958 to 1962 and was Tunny's longest serving Yeoman on Tunny.

  Each book is printed with a unique sequential number "1" through "282" and each book purchased is personally signed. This rendering presents historic information unlike no other previously published or ever published before about the legandary diesel submarine Tunny. This book documents for the first time, Cold War and Vietnam achievements for a U.S. Navy submarine.

  For someone who served or knows someone who served on the diesel submarine Tunny, this book is for them. Click here if you want to see the list of the 1,530 former crewmembers who are named in the book. You will have to buy the book to see what the author has found out about many of them. Many others mentioned in this book are also named.  These individuals either contributed to the Tunny's story, aided in its production, or were mentioned as a relation or friend of the author.

  Lots of stories about those who served on Tunny can be found in the book.  Find the name of someone you know of the 1,530 who served on Tunny. Read the chapter about how 11 men from the Tunny sealed the entire crew of the USS Ronquil (SS 396) in their submarine crew and stole their mascot. See also who made the most of the 9 combat war patrols during WW II, the ten Regulus patrols, and the 14 SPECOPS deployments. Read their bios and those of Tunny's 14 CO's, 19 XO's, and 18 COB's. Lots, lots more information is packed into 682 pages of what some call hurculean and monumental research. Read about "how crowded it was living aboard the Tunny." Were you a member of the NPYC?  Read about its origin and who became members of this distinguished group of men and their submarines who made 42 arduous Regulus missile deterrent patrols between 1958 and 1964.

  The book began selling in late November 2018 and inventory of the 282 copies is dwindling.  The opportunity to purchase the book at a 'reduced price' was first offered to those who served on Tunny, those relations of those who have since departed on Eternal Patrol, and friends and family of the author.  This limited time offer will soon end. To  purchase your personally autographed copy, see below.  There are a number of options available to make your purchase to include, check, money order, online purchase, credit card, or by calling the author directly.

  Communications received from former Tunny crewmembers and/or their relations are telling me how impressed they are with the book.  Click here to read the comments that have been received as well as other "new" information.

A note for visitors related to the USS Ronquil (SS 396), I've devoted a whole chapter in my book to us taking your Tiger in April 1959. You too are entitled to purchase this book at the $99.95 reduced price.

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     Former shipmates, family and friends, and some others have been sent separate communications to take advantage of the SPECIAL ONE TIME and LIMITED OFFER to purchase the book at a "SPECIAL PRICE". If you received this offer by email or a postcard, you are entitled to purchase this book at SPECIAL PRICE.  All forms of payments accepted, checks, charge cards, etc. mailed or online, or by phone. Each book purchased will be autographed, gift wrapped and shipped by USPS Priority Mail. If you are not one of those who did not receive this SPECIAL OFFER, click here to sign up to be on our mailing list or send an email to the author.  Or call should you have any questions - (703) 244-5678.

SPECIAL PRICE CONTINUES (Only a few hard copies left from limited edition of 282 printed).  Did you serve or do you know of someone who served on Tunny 282? I've named them all and many of their hometowns.


$99.95 plus $17.00 Shipping

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The above link will take you to another page on this website which honors  and pays tribute to those former Tunny 282 crew members who have departed on Eternal Patrol. Each honor biography includes data of their time while serving on Tunny as well as those photos of them that are held in Tunny's digital archives. If you would like a Honor bio prepared for your Tunny relation, please contact me directly at:


The Will:  The Legacy of Benoni Evans Harrison and La Grange

This is a work in progress.  Please click here or the link above for updates.  This book was put on hold and my priorities shifted to writing and publishing the USS TUNNY Book. 


St. Marys Submarine Museum

In March 2019, I visited the St. Marys Submarine Museum located in St. Marys, Georgia a stone's throw from the U.S. Navy's Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia. Because they bought several copies of my USS Tunny: A History, Tribute, and Memoir, I offered my webmaster services to them to get the Museum's new website up and running. Please visit the St. Marys Submarine Museum website. I hope you like what I've done for them.


The Alle-Kiski Valley Goes to War Series

Hear and watch Ray Talk about his 23-year Navy Career in just 13 minutes!

produced by John Bailey

available for purchase at the

Alle-Kiski Valley Heritage Museum

Tarentum, Pennsylvania


Click here!


A Tribute to Those Who Served!

Three Alle-Kiski Valley (Creighton, Natrona Heights, and Brackenridge) Veteran's Memorials include Olszewski and Ajak family members who served during World War II. Their names are imortalized on these beautiful memorials. Click here to see the photos I captured during a visit in 2018 of the monuments, their locations, and the names who are listed.


Website Design for the

Arizona Silent Service Memorial Foundation

     This is a website I created for my friend Quartermaster Dan Moss who asked me to create it for his project to raise funds for the Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) in Phoenix, Arizona.  The website was established on 3/28/2015.



OLSZEWSKI "One who lives by the Alder Tree"


A History of the Olszewski and Ajak Families

     This work captures as much information I have found and documented about these two family's who settled in Western Pennsylvania in the late 1800s.  It is a continuum of work and will be updated as information is received.  The Olszewski/Ajak Family Tree posted on is updated accordingly.  For members of Olszewski or Ajak families, should you have corrections or changes that you know to be different than what is presented, please contact me directly at:  Click here to take you to this gift of work I created for my relatives.  Should you be interested in taking over the project, please contact me.  let me know.


The Harrison-Norvill Cemetery:

An Abandoned Part of Prince William County’s Rich History

     This builds upon information I found through over 8 years of research relative to the origin and history of this 19th Century cemetery.  It provides a detailed history of the souls whose bodies are buried at the cemetery, their history, and their ties to the La Grange property, which today serves as a Virginia Farm winery, The Winery at La Grange, Haymarket, Virginia. The article published by the Virginia Genealogical Society, brings attention to the diminishing and deteriorating condition of the cemetery with hope that its poor state will be corrected, hopefully, someday.



A Taste of Prince William County, Virginia Wine History


   This book is the result of my research into Prince William County's wine production during the 19th Century. It features the following:

  • The Business of making wine in Prince William County,
  • Haymarket - Prince William County's Viticulture Center,
  • Wine Made from Manassas Grapes Wins a Bronze Medal
  • Prince William County's First Operational Winery on the Battlefield
  • 100 years after devastation, Viticulture returns to Prince William County

    This book was self-published in 2011 and is available for purchase from the author. 

ISBN: 978-0-615-42648-8


$12.95 plus $4.00 shipping




Chucky The Car, a Children's Story and Coloring Book



   A 16-page coloring book that describes the story of a car found abandoned in a junk yard by a gentleman who took it home and reconditioned it. It is a simple and expressive story that deals with a negative situation.

  As one turns the pages, the reader experiences the ability to read positive words and through coloration can express their feelings about this story's positive message.

This book was self-published in 2010 and is available for purchase from the author.


ISBN: 978-1-4490-6821-9


Book Cover

$12.95 plus $4.00 shipping


Click here for more information about Chucky the Car background.

Tribute to the U.S. Navy's JMIE PROGRAM

During the Late 1980s/early 1990s, there was a program that was being developed called the Joint Maritime Information Element (JMIE). I served as the program's Deputy Program Manager under the leadership of Mr. Alfred "Al" Francis Pullin.  I was contacted by Mr. Fred Harrison who was working to develop the effort and asked me to join the program.  I was working at the former Sperry Univac Corporation which was absorbed into what is today known as UNISYS.  I worked directly with defense contractors to include SAIC and Lumintel in Northern Virginia.  These were some of the best of the best people to work with in bringing this program to fruition.  I have no idea what happened to it, and surmise it was absorbed into another "larger" program.  If you want to fill me in, contact me at:

When I left the program transferring to DISA, I was provided a going away gift from those I had worked closely with at the Lumintel Corporation.  Click here to see what was written in the individual farewell messages that they had framed.


Tongue Tied:  A True Story

     A trued Story!  What is described in this story actually happened to me when I was a teenager working at Kramarick's Upholstering located in Tarentum, Pennsylvania (near my home town of Natrona Heights, PA).

A 'Necessary Misfortune'

     This is a story that I wrote in 2004 about courage and determination and a little about golf.  It is about one man's fight to overcome a "necessary misfortune" andget his life not back to normal, just back, period. In some respects, maybe this story is a lot aboutgolf, because it was the desire to play golf again that kept Phil Halcomb going.  Originally published in the March 2004 issue of Washington Golf Monthly Magazine


What's The Score After the Round?

     Results of an Analysis conducted of wine lists from Publics, Privates, and The Resorts.

GolfStyles Magazine, 2003


Sister Winery Program

American Wine Society Journal (Summer 2004)


A Taste of Prince William County Wine History:  Who Knew?

Prince William County RELIC Reliquary Article: Volume 5, Number 3, Page 51 (2006)


Haymarket - Prince William County's Viticultural Center:  Who Knew?

Prince William County RELIC Reliquary Article: Volume 5, Number 4, Page 75 (2006)


Wine Made from Manassas Grapes Wins a Bronze Medal at the

1900 Paris Exposition:  Who Knew?

    Prince William County RELIC Reliquary Article: Volume 8, Number 4, Page 73 (2009)


Sister Winery Program Launched in Virginia

Virginia Wine Gazette (Harvest 2004)


The Winemaker Who Died of a Broken Heart

     A story about John Baptitsta Sciutto and his Manassas Battlefield Winery published by the Virginia Wine Gazette


Celebrating Virginia Wine: 1976-2005 A Retrospective of Virginia

Wine Festivals

Published by the Virginia Wine Gazette


Djakarta, Indonesia Defense Attache 1963-1965

The tour of duty I had in Indonesia was one of the very best one could experience.  I lived on the economy during the time I was there and utilized the services of local servants, Sieman (house boy), Charles (Driver), and Babu (Washing and Clearning).  I was elected and appointed to the exhalted postion as Secretary of the Djakarta Golf Club.  In addition, during that time, President Sukarno's regime was overthrown in a Counter Coup.  This was an exciting time and I was able through various sources purchase and retain photographs of the funeral of the ten Indonesian military personnel who were killed resulting from the Coup. Click here to take you to the photos as well as those I found in my retained files.


Olszewski Studios

     This is a website I created for my brother, Robert William Olszewski (B:1945), who is an artist that currently produces art for The Disney Company.  Olszewski Studios website was launched in 2006 as an informational and historical reference for all of the art Robert has created since high school (Har-Brack Class of 1963).  He became a miniature artist for the world renown Goebel Company; the very same company that produced at one time the M.I. Hummel porcelain figurines.  Today, Olszewski continues to produce art for himself and the Walt Disney Company under the business name of Olszewski Studios.


The Olszewski Studios On-Line Retail Store

This is the artist's on-line store that sells Olszewski art.


Har-Brack Union High School Class of 1957

This is the website I created for my classmates as a tribute to them.


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